Calling all individuals who are sick and tired of the recruiting process we have come to know and dislike. Jobz Cafe was started with the vision and mission to change the way things are done, but we don’t want to do it on our own.  We want to create a community for the members by the members.  These members are both recruiters and job seekers.

We need to connect, chat and collaborate.

To this end, we have created a FOUNDING MEMBER status, specifically for you to have your say, be heard and effect change. Founding membership will be limited to 300 individuals.

A lifetime founding membership is available for $497

Discount code available by reaching out to one of our executives!

for $197 until June 30 or we reach 300.

Jobz Cafe is allowing 300 individuals to become FOUNDING MEMBERS and be part of the change we know we want to see.

Benefits of being a FOUNDING member include all the job seeker or recruiter benefits, but will also have:

A one-off lifetime membership payment

Direct access to the executive team (30 days)

FOUNDING MEMBER strategy sessions where we bring everyone together (once a quarter)

Provide direction for future community features

Accrue internal rewards at 5 times the regular rate