We make looking for a job suck less!

Job seekers and recruiters need a new way to engage.



We all know people or have been there ourselves when we find the perfect job on a job board or LinkedIn and spend the whole day tweaking our resume and writing that cover letter to suit the posting.

The old way of getting noticed isn’t working anymore – we need something new!


Relationships are key to finding your next job and the one after that. You have to dig the well before you need to drink. Relationship building takes time, it isn’t only when you find yourself out of a job as most times people are surprised when they are let go.  Ongoing skills training and engagement are key.


More than 45% of job seekers never hear anything back from the employer, 83% of candidates rate their job search experience poor. We need to be able to let people know about our experiences with recruiters.  Who are the good ones and who are the ones that ghost.


We encourage our members to connect and actively monitor whether relationships are being nurtured.  It is not about how many connections you have, it is about how often you spend connecting.  If the relationship isn’t maintained we remove the connection.


Job seekers need help to get the resources they need when funds are tight – we recognize this and reward members for engaging in the community through our Jobz Cafe Perks Program so they can build up their own reserve to use for our services.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them – Albert Einstein


We are not a staffing agency or job board and do not generate revenue from job postings or placement fees – we are a membership community that provides the resources needed by the forgotten groups – the long term unemployed, people over 40, veterans and other disadvantaged groups.  We are Jobz Cafe.



There is a need for fairer, transparent recruiting and Jobz Cafe is developing an ecosystem that will deliver this and more. We have analyzed the problems and identified solutions that will encourage a shift in the thinking about the way job seekers spend their time looking for their next opportunity, and the way recruiters find their next great hire.

Job seekers need to know that they have at least a chance of being considered for an interview.  Many career sites focus on the next generations – we focus on the forgotten groups of individuals, struggling to be seen.  Our mission is to get companies to see that great employees come from all different sources – over 40, veterans, return to work parents, military spouses and ex-felons.



We have developed an online networking environment that encourages engagement and building of the relationships that are necessary in this tight labor market. Most jobs are got by who you know and how strong the relationship is, not by what you know or where you went to school.

Want to take a test drive?

Go to our demo site at jobz.cafe and either log in as a jobseeker (password – jobseeker) or a recruiter (password – recruiter).



The modern organization structure is evolving to meet the next generation.  A shared or distributed leadership structure caters for a high-performance culture by allowing individuals to do what they are good at and minimizing the need to do things they are not able to excel at.

We all spend considerable amounts of time in the pursuit of career goals and so we encourage individuals to obtain these goals, whether with Jobz Cafe or any other company.

We don’t own employees; rather we are custodians for whatever length of time employees are with us.

Member Success

We want all our members to have the best experience they can while being part of our community. Our Member Success team is there is make sure this happens.

Community Curators

Our community has many different interest groups. We maintain standards of conduct and our curators monitor the conversations to guarantee civility and appropriateness.

Recruiting Coaches

We train and develop our own recruiting coaches in our methodology, so we can guarantee all our job seekers receive the same level of care and consideration.

Executive / Finance

We invest in people and strategy and making sure we are using our money wisely allows us to fund our non-profit and give back and be a socially responsible organization.


Bronwyn OShea is an experienced organizational psychologist, holds a master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and is the first to publish on Holacracy, the distributed leadership model made famous by Zappos. Her PhD in Organizational Psychology provides the backbone to expertise in organizational design, shared leadership and human capital management; as you need to know what the organization looks like first, before you can understand and hire the right people and then develop and implement human capital strategies to keep pace with the changing demographics in the workplace.

Having worked in IT and software development / QA prior to her 15 years in HR / BPO / recruiting she is certified in behavioral profiling and a master practitioner in NLP. She was past president of the National Human Resources Association – LA and was previously the most senior IT person at G4TV (a Comcast company) along with being a CFO for an executive search firm.

Having worked at Robert Half specializing in placing senior finance and accounting executives and in Caesars Entertainment with 65K employers, managing corporate recruiting and reducing approximately 50K separate job descriptions to 3K, she is a rare breed who bridges software product development, IT, sales, operations and finance, and who understands that people combined with systems are the key to organizational success.

She has a personal commitment to veterans, active military personnel and their spouses, as she joined the Australian Army Reserves as a medic when she was 28 and believes firmly that freedom is not free.



We have teamed up with the best of breed to assist us, as we know that we all need to focus on what we are good at.  We have partnered with a subscription management platform who handles all payment and sensitive information and so you can be assured we have no personal information that is stored on our servers.  This also allows you to manage your own information and manage your account, nonetheless we are always here to help, if needed. Go to Jobz Cafe.

Choose the level of membership that suits your current needs.  You can upgrade or downgrade at any time as we recognize things change and we want you to be able to always have access to the community.


Once you have created your account,  we ask you for some information to better assist you and make suggestions on who might be good contacts for you to focus on. The only personal information we store is your name and email.


Engagement is everything in a community and we actively encourage you to reach out to your current contacts so they can join our community.  We reward each and every referral.


Action is a key step in finding your next career opportunity.  After you have joined we send you an action plan to move you forward on your journey. 



We provide a free option for those who are currently unemployed or simply don’t have the disposable income to allocate at this time.  We are charging for our ecosystem so we can keep it Advertisement Free, while offering services that are needed.  Our Jobz Cafe Perks Program allows all our members to collect rewards just by being a member and engaging in the community.  These rewards may be redeemed inside the cafe to pay for our career and coaching services.  All services are available to all members for a fee, however we include them as part of the monthly subscription as indicated in the table below.

Remember if you are not paying for a product – then your data is the product!

If you are a recruiter we have ways of building your pipeline through connecting you with great candidates and you can post your jobs for free.

Create your Account


$15/mo billed monthly
$10/mo billed annually

$67/mo billed monthly
$47/mo billed annually

Jobz Cafe Perks Program

Single Rewards

Double Rewards

Triple Rewards

Things to Help You

Practice Coaching1 – Value $95
Practice Interview2 – Value $85
Resume Critique3 – Value $60
Live Group Coaching4 – Value $45

Recorded Group Coaching5 – Value $30

Online Calendar Scheduling

Things to Say

Post Videos

Instant Chat (video)

Send Emails within Jobz Cafe

Create Articles

Create Photo Galleries

Instant Chat (text)

Public Messages

Things to Do

See Who’s Online

Follow Others

Post on Friends Wall (private wall)

Rate Recruiters6 (Uber-like)

Be Visible in searches6

Unlimited Connections6

Chat At the Table (public wall)

Search Job Board

1 1 30min Coaching Session per month, after 60 days of membership.
2 1 30min Practice Interview per month, after 60 days of membership.
3 1 Resume Critique per year.
4 Medium: 2 Live sessions per month, Large: 4 Live sessions per month.
5 Regular: 1 pre-recorded session per month, Medium: 2 pre-recorded sessions per month, Large: All pre-recorded sessions per month.
6 Regular: These features are available during Beta period


Jobz Cafe Perks

We know that it is difficult to find the spare cash to spend on your own career development, especially if you are not currently working or in a job that doesn’t pay enough.  That is why we wanted to have a rewards program that will benefit everyone.  We provide  incentives for people to share Jobz Cafe with their friends and colleagues, but we also just reward you for engaging in the community.

That way, even if you have the spare cash, you don’t have to use it, you can redeem your beans for the services and keep your cash for something else.  If you collect a whole lot of beans, we even encourage you to transfer your beans to someone else who may not have enough.

We have a built in Pay it Forward program.

We have our own Pay it Forward program, as while we think Jobz Cafe is a great start, we know that the bigger picture is the non-profit foundation that Jobz Cafe will fund.

Want to know more about our Jobz Cafe Perks Program?


Refer a Colleague or Friend who joins our community and you get rewarded.  

Earn Double or Triple Beans if you choose a paid membership.  


You get rewarded for sharing, even if your friends don’t join. 

Earn Double or Triple Beans if you choose a paid membership. .


The mission of the Jobz Foundation will be to provide:

Return to work programs for the long term unemployed

Internships for the forgotten groups

Skill Training programs

Micro-financing for small business start ups


The Las Vegas Review Journal wrote an article about us, after they saw us pitch at the local incubator we were accepted into last December.  StartUpNV is a terrific foundation to foster local business startups in Nevada. 

Here is the link to the article by Bailey Schulz.




As a growing company we are always looking for people who might be the next great addition to our team – maybe not today, but maybe in the not to distance future.  We would love to chat and start the conversation.  

Please email us at hello@jobzcafe.com and be aware we will respond to every email with a personal touch – we do not use automated response systems for engaging with job seekers.  Practice what you preach is our motto.


Have you worked in an staffing agency or been an independent executive recruiter who would like to team up and change the outdated retained search and contingency model?


A large part of our business is marketing and creating the buzz to let the community know who we are and what we do – Are you good at telling the story?


Can you code, or do you think that research, design and development are parts of your genius?  Do you have experience with distributed ledger technology – in particular Hashgraph and smart contracts?


Are you great at organization, strategy and planning – getting the business to run smoothly?  Do you excel with the details and making things happen?

Need More Information

We understand that and we are here to provide any information you need.  Best thing is that it is FREE to join and there will always be a free option, however even with the FREE option, you earn rewards by referring your friends and just engaging within Jobz Cafe.  This way everyone builds up a personal self development fund for themselves and can use our services when the need is the greatest.

Join our Mailing List

Joining our mailing list, does not automatically enroll you in Jobz Cafe and only allows us to send you information from time to time about what is happening in Jobz Cafe. We do not sell or provide this information to anyone.​


We are a Wyoming registered company with offices in Las Vegas.





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