Is it ever ok to take a counteroffer from your current employer?

This came up in a conversation today about a company who found the person they believed to be the best fit for their role.  An offer was extended and accepted by the candidate and a start date agreed upon.  What I wasn’t aware of (and this could have some impact on the thought process, but it really shouldn’t have much to do with anything) was whether the candidate was active or passive?

So the story continues.

The candidate decided to stay at their current company.  The other things which are unknown. Did they resign or simply change their mind without the current company even knowing they had accepted another role?

Why this is important is around the thought process a company has when they are put in a position of making a counteroffer.

A paragraph from an article written by Tammy Stone on The Psychology Of Business website ( illustrates it best and this research is highly quoted all over the recruiting blogs.

“Research show “89% of individuals who accept counter offers are gone within six months”. That’s a huge statistic to leave so soon after the counter offer. The same study further calculated that, “93% … leave either voluntarily or involuntarily” within eighteen months of the counter offer (Career Profiles)”

Companies that make counteroffers know the individual has been tempted and isn’t as committed as before. There must have been a reason for the individual to be tempted in the first place and go through all the trouble of the interview process and most interview processes are tedious, to say the least.

Be careful when you think about leaving a company and pursuing another opportunity.  Make very certain that a move at this time is the best thing for your career.  If you do accept another offer, resist the temptation of the counteroffer as in the long run it usually doesn’t turn out well.




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