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We know that situations change and you may need to change your membership level to suit.  Below is the comparison chart to make it easy to see what each membership offers and which one might be right for you.  If you have any questions, please email and we will be happy to assist.  All services not included in the selected membership plan may be obtained by redeeming beans from the Jobz Cafe Perks Program or paying in cash.

The first 67 annual paying members become a certified Chat-a-Boxer and will have additional options available to them as the company grows.  Chat-a-Boxers assist us in designing what services we provide and how our reward program operates.

Your current plan:   




$0 / MO
Forever Free

$15 / MO | $10 / MO
Billed Monthly | Billed Annually
Monthly Annually

$67 / MO| $47 / MO
Billed Monthly | Billed Annually
Monthly Annually

Jobz Perks Program

Single Rewards

Double Rewards

Triple Rewards

Things to Help You!

Online Calendar Scheduling

Recorded Group Coaching1 – Value $30

Live Group Coaching2 – Value $45

Resume Critique3 – Value $60

Practice Interview4 – Value $85

Private Coaching5 – Value $95

Things to Say!

Public messages

Instant Chat (text)

Create Photo Galleries

Create Articles

Send Emails within Jobz Cafe

Instant Chat (video)

Post Videos

Things to Do!

Access Job Board

Chat At the Table (public wall)

Unlimited Connections6

Be Visible in Searches6

Rate Recruiters (like Uber)6

Post on Friends Wall (private)6

Follow Members

See Who’s Online

1Regular: 1 pre-recorded session per month, Medium: 2 pre-recorded sessions per month, Large: All pre-recorded sessions per month.
2Medium: 2 live sessions per month, Large: 4 live sessions per month.
31 Resume Critique per year.
41 30 min Practice Interview per month, after 60 days of membership.
51 30 min Coaching Session per month, after 60 days of membership.
6 Regular: These features are available during the Beta period.

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