Our Why

Looking for a job sucks!

Recruiters ghost candidates and candidates have started to ghost recruiters. We recognized there was a problem with the whole recruiting process.

Many job sites have FAKE profiles and you don’t know who you are really speaking with.

We hold recruiters and candidates accountable. Our aim is to make the connections between recruiters and job seekers and get people work.

There is a need for fairer, transparent recruiting and Jobz Cafe is developing a community based ecosystem that will deliver this and more. We have analyzed the problems and identified solutions that will encourage a shift in the thinking about the way job seekers spend their time looking for their next opportunity, and the way recruiters find their next great hire.

Job seekers need to know that they have at least a chance of being considered for an interview. Many career sites focus on the next generations – we focus on the forgotten groups of individuals, struggling to be seen. Our mission is to get companies to see that great employees come from all different sources – over 40, veterans, return to work parents, military spouses and people with disabilities. We do this through our JobzDNA algorithm to score candidates and our Recruiter Rating platform (think Glassdoor, but for individual recruiters rather than companies).

We make looking for a job suck less!

Our How

JobzDNA is a set of algorithms based on the historical data from the job seeker and is obtained via the traditional background checking process – but with a couple of differences. Each time an employee leaves a company and starts with a new company, a completely new background check is undertaken, resulting in potentially different information as companies close, information is no longer available or the company simply doesn’t respond to the request as most requests are still handled by faxing employment verifications.

We are able to focus on obtaining information about candidates when they are not necessarily looking for a job, this means we can take the time to get accurate information multiple ways, including using humans. This can sometimes take time, but because we retain the data, each time an individual changes jobs, we are only adding to the existing data, not starting from scratch each time.

We take that data that is now verified (as it is well known that resumes contain false or misleading information) and we standardize it. A director at one company could be a vice president or manager at another. We analyze each individual as an individual and then we match against the database of jobs that have been scored using our JobzDNA for jobs algorithm.

We have the best people

We are a woman-owned business and some say this can make a very successful company – see research that shows that having women in C-level roles increases net profit.

Another thing that make companies successful is diversity, both in race and gender harmony. We have both male and females and are multinational in our team.

The modern organization structure is evolving to meet the next generation. A shared or distributed leadership structure caters for a high-performance culture by allowing individuals to do what they are good at and minimizing the need to do things they are not able to excel at.

We all spend considerable amounts of time in the pursuit of career goals and so we encourage individuals to obtain these goals, whether with Jobz Cafe or any other company.

We don’t own employees; rather we are custodians for whatever length of time employees are with us.

Our Founder

Bronwyn OShea has a PhD in Organizational Psychology, a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. With 18 years in-house HR/recruiting and external HR/recruiting consulting, certified in behavioral profiling and NLP, over 30 years in IT and software development, past president of the National Human Resources Association – LA, she is a rare breed who bridges software product development, IT, sales, operations and finance, and who understands that people combined with systems are the key to organizational success.

Her PhD in Organizational Psychology provides the backbone to expertise in organizational design, shared leadership and human capital management; as you need to know what the organization looks like first, before you can understand and hire the right people and then develop and implement human capital strategies to keep pace with the changing demographics in the workplace.

She has a personal commitment to veterans, active military personnel and their spouses, as she joined the Australian Army Reserves as a medic when she was 28 and understands that freedom is not free.

She believes that . . .

“everyone wants to be involved in something bigger than themselves and be valued and respected while contributing to it.”

Advisory Council

Soheila Ataei


Joel Ordesky


Brian Barry


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