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COVID-19 makes getting the right person for the right job more important than ever. Our JobzDNA algorithms analyze jobs and job seekers to make matches.

Job seekers and recruiters need a new way to engage.

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What is JobzDNA?

A scoring algorithm based on individual job attributes and data from the job seekers’ past employment experience.

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How we use the data

  • Core functional elements from jobs are collected and analyzed

  • Certified data contributing to the job seekers past experience are matched against the job


The resume black hole is removed as job seekers get through the clutter directly matching opportunities. Recruiters get to qualified candidates faster.

Verified Data

Background checks are moved to the beginning of the process, not the end.


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At least 80% of people have admitted to lying on their resume.


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Job seekers don’t know what information a background check will uncover.


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Titles are removed and functionality is used in algorithm.

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Algorithm is based solely on experience, education and function.

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Transferable Data

Information stays with the individual, not retained by employer.

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Unemployed or Looking

Recruiters are overwhelmed by growing number of individuals looking for a new job.


Open Job Postings

Job Seekers are frustrated by not enough jobs available.

A smarter way for recruiters to find job seekers

The resume black hole is removed and job seekers can be compared against each other even before an interview takes place.

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How it works

We know that in addition to becoming the standard in job scoring, this score is just the first step. Networking will always play an important role and so we have a community as well.

Solving the industries biggest problems

Analyzing core elements of a position provides a methodical measure to match individuals and jobs.

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Latest News

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