Let me start with this, a thank you letter won’t necessarily compensate if in your job interview an employer isn’t convinced that you’re the best person for the role, but it does leave a good impression that speaks to your work ethic and courtesy. Researchshows that the most important quality in a new hire is a solid work ethic, followed by being a good culture fit and then integrity and resourcefulness.

According to a study done by Accounttemps, 80% of HR Managers found a thank-you note helpful, yet only 24% of applicants send them. Here is how you send yours, but before I show you how, let’s start with what you don’t want to do or leave out.

 A few thank-you note tips that tend to get missed

1. Respect their time by keeping the thank-you letter concise (around 200 words is fine).


2. Talk about something specific from the interview, so it’s personalized and meaningful. For example, something about the corporate culture – this will re-emphasize why you’re a good fit or a response to a question you asked about the interviewer.

3. Mention the job position.

4. Proofread your thank-you letter – Grammarly is a free resource that corrects errors.

Source:  Forbes


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